Tax Season Resources Available from AICPA

By Alistair M. Nevius, J.D.

The AICPA has released its annual tax season resources for CPAs. Changes affecting 2009 tax returns for clients and potential clients are outlined in this year’s brochure, speech, and PowerPoint presentation. CPAs can use these resources, which are included in the CPA Marketing Tool Kit, to promote their practices and/or services and to raise firm visibility in the community.

The kit includes a brochure, Tax Saving Tips for 2009, that outlines for clients the latest tax-savings strategies on the most important tax topics, including:

  • Filing basics: filing status, exemptions, and common deductions;
  • Children and education: child tax credit, dependent care credit, and the American opportunity tax credit;
  • Homeowners: first-time homebuyer’s credit, interest and property tax deductions, mortgage debt forgiveness, and gain exclusion for sale of a principal residence;
  • Investors: long-term capital gains and dividends and offsetting capital gains with losses;
  • Retirement: 401(k) plans and IRAs;
  • Other provisions: the making work pay credit, economic recovery payments, COBRA premium assistance, unemployment compensation, health coverage tax credit, new energy tax incentives, and the latest on the AMT exemption.

The Tax Saving Tips for 2009 brochure is available in four-color format and in both high and low resolutions. Space is provided on the back panel for CPAs to imprint their firm names, logo, and contact information.

Accompanying the brochure is a comprehensive speech and PowerPoint presentation addressing specific tax law changes and provisions to help CPA clients minimize their tax obligations.

Materials Available to Help CPAs Approach Media Outlets

CPAs can also join in the national promotion of the profession by promoting their expertise in their communities. The CPA Marketing Tool Kit provides a media advisory to help CPAs land appearances on television and radio talk and news shows where they can discuss the latest tax changes and explain to viewers the impact these changes will have on their 2009 returns.

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