On the Bookshelf

By Editor: Philip R. Fink, J.D., CPA

Easy Ways to Lower Your Taxes: Simple Strategies Every Taxpayer Should Know, by Sandra Block and Stephen Fishman (Nolo, 2008), offers helpful strategies that can lower an individual’s taxes. Chapters include information on basic tax planning for federal and state taxes, various types of tax-free income and benefits, tax credits, deferred income, how to reduce taxable income with deductions, investment strategies, shifting income within the household, and choosing the most advantageous filing status and tax exemptions. 288 pages; $9.99. Contact (800) 728-3555; www.nolo.com.

Income Tax Law, Regulations, Amendments, Rulings, Decisions, Opinions from the Records of the Corporation Trust Company (CCH, 2003). In 1913, the Underwood Tariff Act enacted the modern U.S. income tax. This commemorative booklet reproduces the full text of the 1913 tax law and the first personal income tax form, along with commentary from CCH predecessor Corporation Trust Company. 40 pages; $9.50. Contact (800) 248-3248; www.onlinestore.cch.com.

Litigation of Federal Civil Tax Controversies, by Rita Cavanagh and Gerald Kafka (WG&L, 2010), intended for use by practitioners at all levels, describes important issues in civil tax litigation. Information is included on tax court jurisdiction and structure; pleadings and motions; pretrial procedures; trial and post-trial proceedings; the filing of refund claims, including periods of limitation, administrative procedures, and pretrial considerations; actions for declaratory judgment; res judicata and collateral estoppel; and recovery of attorneys’ fees and extraordinary costs. Appendices contain rules of the U.S. Court of Federal Claims and rules of practice and procedures of the U.S. Tax Court. Over 1,000 pages; $420 print (updated twice a year), $515 online (updated as needed). Contact (800) 950-1216; www.ria.thomsonreuters.com.

Tax Accounting in Mergers and Acquisitions, 2010 edition, by Glenn R. Carrington (CCH, 2009), explores tax considerations in the structure of corporate mergers and acquisitions. The author provides in-depth coverage of taxable and tax-free acquisitions, basic concepts in deductibility and capitalization, restructuring transactions, contingent liabilities, transaction costs, debt modifications, original issue discount, amortization of intangibles, limitation on loss carrybacks, consolidated return tax accounting issues, and tax accounting issues in bankruptcies. 864 pages; $275. Contact (800) 248-3248; www.onlinestore.cch.com.


Philip Fink is retiring in June 2010 from his position as professor of taxation at the University of Toledo in Toledo, OH. This is his last On the Bookshelf column for The Tax Adviser. The editors thank him for his work on the column over the years and wish him a fulfilling retirement.

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