Document summaries for the week of Feb. 18, 2019


IRS acquiesces in Boston Bruins meal expense case

The IRS acquiesced in result only to Jacobs, 148 T.C. 490 (2017), in which the Boston Bruins hockey team’s expenses for providing pregame meals at away city hotels were held to be fully deductible because they were provided at employer-operated facilities. Action on Decision 2019-01 (2/19/19).

Final regs. address private activity bond requirements

The IRS issued final regulations that update the existing regulations to reflect changes in the Code and to provide issuers of private activity bonds additional flexibility in satisfying the requirement that, to qualify as tax exempt, a private activity bond must be approved by both the governmental unit issuing it and by the governmental unit where the financed property will be located. T.D. 9845 (2/19/19).



Final centralized partnership audit regulations issued

The IRS issued final regulations implementing the centralized partnership audit regime that now governs partnership audit procedures. T.D. 9844 (2/22/19) (see related news story).



West Virginia tax law cannot favor state law enforcement retirees

The U.S. Supreme Court held that the state of West Virginia cannot provide a tax exemption to state law enforcement retirees while denying that exemption to federal law enforcement retirees who performed similar jobs. Dawson v. Steager, No. 17-419 (U.S. 2/20/19) (see related news story).

Newsletter Articles


2018 tax software survey

Among CPA tax preparers, tax return preparation software generates often extensive and ardent discussion. To get through the rigors of tax season, they depend on their tax preparation software. Here’s how they rate the leading professional products.


Qualified business income deduction regs. and other guidance issued

The package includes final regulations, guidance on how to calculate W-2 wages, a safe-harbor rule for rental real estate businesses, and new proposed rules on the treatment of previously suspended losses.