Consolidated Returns

IRS Applies Reverse Acquisition Regulations: A Substance-over-Form Approach

Determining whether a transaction is characterized as a reverse acquisition under the consolidated return regulations can be challenging. This item focuses on tax implications of reverse acquisitions and reviews recent private letter rulings in which the IRS applied substance-over-form principles.

Final Regs. on Consolidated Group Liquidations

Final regulations effective January 15, 2008, explain how the members of a consolidated group succeed to tax items, or “attributes,” of a subsidiary corporation when two or more members of the group own stock in the subsidiary and the subsidiary is liquidated on a tax-free basis

Professional Corporations: To Be or Not to Be a Member of a Consolidated Group

Editor: Annette B. Smith, CPA Many independent professional medical and dental practices are incorporated under state law as professional corporations (PCs). Generally, these state laws require that PCs issue shares only to individuals who are duly licensed or otherwise legally authorized to render the same type of professional services as

Taxpayer-Favorable Letter Ruling on Consolidated Worthless Stock Deduction

Editor: Mary Van Leuven, J.D., LL.M. IRS Letter Ruling 200710004 breaks new ground in determining the character of a worthless stock deduction in a consolidated group. Due to the lack of direct authorities on point and the absence of clear statutory support for the ruling’s favorable conclusions, taxpayers might consider

Newsletter Articles


States look to unclaimed property for revenue

State audits of abandoned and unclaimed property (AUP) have exploded in recent years. This report outlines the escheat process, common types of AUP, how different states are handling it and how companies can plan for potential audits and liabilities.


Understanding the new Sec. 199A business income deduction

The new deduction allows certain business owners to keep pace with the significant corporate tax cut provided by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.