Gross Income

Individual Tax Update

This article covers recent developments affecting taxation of individuals, including regulations, cases, and IRS guidance.

IRS Issues Sec. 409A Proposed Regulations

The IRS issued proposed regulations under Sec. 409A, which provides that if certain requirements are not met, amounts deferred under a nonqualified deferred compensation plan are currently includible in gross income.

FAQs Explain the Wrongful Incarceration Exclusion

A new law allows taxpayers to exclude from income money they receive to compensate them for being wrongfully incarcerated and to claim refunds for earlier tax years if they included such damages in income.

Tax Court No Help for Opportunist Girlfriend

Rescission doctrine did not allow a taxpayer to exclude from income $400,000 she received under a fraudulently induced agreement with her elderly boyfriend that she was later forced to repay.

Payments to Egg Donor Not Excludable From Income

The Tax Court ruled that a woman who received payments for undergoing the procedures necessary to donate her eggs could not exclude the payments from gross income as damages for personal injuries or physical sickness under Sec. 104(a)(2).

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