IRS Practice & Procedure

E-signatures: What will 2021 bring?

To alleviate hardships caused by COVID-19, the IRS temporarily expanded the forms that can be filed with e-signatures, but future policy is uncertain.

Beware of identity theft scam involving unemployment benefits

The IRS warned taxpayers that identity thieves are fraudulently claiming state unemployment benefits using stolen taxpayer identities. Here is what taxpayers should do if they receive a Form 1099-G reporting state unemployment benefits they did not receive.

IRS explains extended payroll tax due dates

The IRS issued updated procedures for the deferred employee portion of employment tax payments, which were further extended from April 30, 2021, to Dec. 31, 2021, by year-end legislation.

Taxpayers need to know their limitations

This column reviews the rules of statutory due dates, extensions, refund limitations, and postponements, and how to determine the statute of limitation in the context of deadlines affected by the events of 2020.

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2020 tax software survey

COVID-19 upended tax season. Did CPAs’ tax software help them cope? Read the results of our annual tax software survey


Quirks spurred by COVID-19 tax relief

This article discusses some procedural and administrative quirks that have emerged with the new tax legislative, regulatory, and procedural guidance related to COVID-19.