Practical Documentation of QRAs for the R&D Tax Credit

In the absence of records specifically created to document the research tax credit, taxpayers often have to rely on estimates and an assortment of documents, interviews, and other evidence to substantiate expenditures that qualify for the research tax credits.

Rules Governing Internal-Use Software Are Proposed

The IRS issued long-awaited proposed regulations on what type of internal-use software qualifies for the Sec. 41 research credit. Although the new rules are proposed, not final, the IRS says it will not challenge taxpayers' return positions that apply these rules currently.

The Orphan Drug and Research Tax Credits: The “Substantially All” Rule

The research credit under Sec. 41 (when in effect) and the orphan drug credit under Sec. 45C are sometimes available for the same expenses incurred during the development of pharmaceuticals. Understanding how the credits work and how to maximize the benefit from both of them when they are both available can reduce taxes for eligible companies.

Alternative Simplified Research Credit Can Now Be Claimed on Amended Returns

The IRS issued temporary regulations permitting taxpayers to elect the Sec. 41(c)(5) alternative simplified credit on an amended return, as long as the taxpayer (or a member of its controlled group) did not elect to use any other method of calculating the research credit on an original or amended return for that year.

Bringing Clarity to Fuel Excise Taxes and Credits

The federal excise taxes, tax credits, and exemptions for various types of fuel constitute a confusing area of the tax law. This item is intended to clear up much of the confusion faced by taxpayers and advisers alike when attempting to claim these tax credits.

R&D Tax Credits for Food and Beverage Companies

Food manufacturers should look closely at the R&D tax credit even if, in the past, they did not believe their activities in developing new products or processes qualified as technological research.

IRS Offers Guidance on Accounting for Black Liquor Credit Repayments

The IRS Chief Counsel’s Office addressed under what circumstances interest must accompany a repayment of the alternative fuel mixture credit received and during what year taxpayers converting the AFMC into the cellulosic biofuel producer credit should include that credit in income under Sec. 87.

Rehabilitation Credits Disallowed

The Third Circuit held that a corporate partner in a partnership was not entitled to claim historic rehabilitation credits passed through to it from the partnership because the corporation was not a bona fide partner in the partnership.

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