IRS Will Follow the Tax Court on One-IRA-Rollover-per-Year Rule

To settle the question of whether the limitation on rolling over one IRA per year under Sec. 408(d)(3)(B) applies to taxpayers on an aggregate basis or on an IRA-by-IRA basis, the IRS announced it will follow the a recent Tax Court's recent decision, applying the rule on an aggregate basis, meaning no matter how many IRAs a taxpayer has, the taxpayer is limited to one rollover per year.

Second Rollover Is Taxable

The Tax Court held that where a taxpayer distributed and within 60 days repaid funds from two separate IRAs within a one-year period, only the first distribution and repayment was a nontaxable rollover.

IRS Allows Penalty-Free Withdrawal of Stimulus Payments from IRAs

The IRS has announced that taxpayers who had their economic stimulus payments deposited directly into a tax-favored account can generally withdraw amounts up to the amount of that payment tax free and penalty free until the due date of their 2008 income tax return, including extensions.

Nonspouse Beneficiary Meets PPA ’06 Rollover Requirements

A is the sole primary beneficiary in E’s retirement plan, X. Prior to E’s death, the sponsors resolved to terminate X. E completed a “Termination Distribution Form,” selecting a direct rollover option to Y (his preexisting IRA), also naming A as the sole beneficiary. However, the rollover was not accomplished

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