Innocent spouse relief

Individual Taxation: Digest of Recent Developments

This article covers recent developments affecting taxation of individuals, including last year’s tax relief and small business legislation, regulations, cases, and IRS guidance. The items are arranged in Code section order.

Innocent or Not: Let the Factors Decide

Three forms of innocent spouse relief are available under Sec. 6015. This article discusses the three forms of relief, the substantive requirements for qualifying for each, and the time period in which a taxpayer must file his or her request for relief.

Innocent Spouse Relief

Editor: John L. Miller, CPA Searching the Internet under “innocent spouse relief” will turn up many organizations, CPAs, attorneys and others offering to assist a taxpayer with an innocent spouse claim. IRS Pub. 971, Innocent Spouse Relief (And Separation of Liability and Equitable Relief), explains the various types of relief,

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