Foreign tax credits

Local Country Tax Incentives and the Foreign Tax Credit

U.S. multinationals operating in foreign jurisdictions via subsidiary corporations may be shortchanging themselves when they account for the effect of local incentives on available foreign tax credits in the United States.

Regs. on Foreign Tax Credit Splitter Arrangements

The IRS issued regulations on determining who has the legal liability to pay the foreign tax for foreign tax credit purposes and on the application of the “anti-splitter” rules of Sec. 909.  

Congress Votes to Limit Use of Foreign Tax Credits

P.L. 111-226 makes changes to how corporations can use the foreign tax credit and also terminates the advance refundability of the earned income credit (under Sec. 3507), effective for tax years beginning after December 31, 2010.

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Qualified business income deduction regs. and other guidance issued

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