Subpart F

IRS issues Sec. 965 transition tax regs.

The IRS issued proposed regulations on the Sec. 965 transition tax that requires U.S. shareholders of deferred foreign income corporations to pay tax on post-1986 deferred income.

Sec. 962 to the Rescue

International tax provisions, including the anti-deferral regime and mechanics of the foreign tax credit, can present significant and unique challenges to maintaining a tax-efficient structure.

Regs. Tighten Form 5472 Filing Requirements

The IRS is amending the rules for filing Form 5472, Information Return of a 25% Foreign-Owned U.S. Corporation or a Foreign Corporation Engaged in a U.S. Trade or Business.

Foreign Corporations: Procedures and Pitfalls in Adopting and Changing Methods of Accounting for Purposes of Determining E&P

This item provides a high-level discussion of the general timing for certain foreign corporations’ adoption of methods of accounting for purposes of determining E&P, the procedural rules regarding how such foreign corporations change their method of accounting, and the importance of understanding when and how a method is adopted in light of the increased limitations such foreign corporations may face in changing methods.

The Software Regulations and Subpart F

The proper U.S. tax treatment of a sale or license of computer programs through a foreign subsidiary is challenging and potentially expensive in cash taxes. A practitioner must consider a variety of aspects and value exchanged in transactions and transfers when assessing transactions in software.

Individuals’ Use of Offshore Holding Companies (Part I)

This article provides an overview of the controlled foreign corporation anti-deferral regime as it relates to “portfolio-type investments” through a foreign holding company structure and the statutory deterrents to using such a structure.

Changes to Subpart F Services “Substantial Assistance” Test

Editor: Terence E. Kelly, CPA Subpart F of the Code provides that U.S. taxpayers doing business through the use of certain controlled foreign corporations (CFCs) may be subject to current income inclusion when a CFC derives foreign base company services income (FBCSI). FBCSI generally includes income from services a CFC

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