IRS Tightens Penalty Relief

Recent IRS actions suggest a movement away from granting penalty relief. Recent budget cuts, furloughs, and negative press have exacerbated the trend by significantly decreasing IRS resources, resulting in slower responses to taxpayer inquiries.

Sec. 6708 Regs. Permit Material Advisers to Request Extension

The IRS issued proposed regulations governing the penalty for failure of material advisers to provide lists of advisees in reportable transactions, which applies if the advisers do not supply the lists to the IRS within 20 business days after a written request.

IRS Announces Abatements of Frivolous Filing Penalty

Taxpayers who have filed all required tax returns and paid all outstanding tax liabilities, including penalties (except for the Sec. 6702 penalty) and related interest, may qualify for a one-time reduction to $500 of any unpaid penalties that the IRS has assessed (Rev. Proc. 2012-43).

Rev. Proc. Updates Guidance on Adequate Disclosure of Return Positions

The IRS released its annual update identifying when a taxpayer’s disclosure of an item or position in an income tax return is adequate for purposes of reducing the understatement of tax penalty and the tax return preparer penalty for understatement due to unreasonable positions.

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2016 Best Article Award

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