Determining If a Technical Termination Occurs

To determine if an LLC terminates, the practitioner must determine whether an LLC interest was disposed of in a "sale or exchange" as defined in the Sec. 708 regulations. If so, did the sale or exchange result in 50% or more of the total interests in LLC capital and profits being sold or exchanged during a consecutive 12-month period?

Application of Sec. 704(c) to Divisions

There is no guidance addressing how Sec. 704(c) principles should apply when a partnership distributes an asset to multiple partners in a partnership division, including in an assets-over division, which may leave open two alternative approaches.

Technical Terminations: Tangible Personal Property Depreciation Issues

Editor: Mary Van Leuven, J.D., LL.M. Technical terminations of partnerships under Sec. 708 (b)(1)(B) and its regulations create numerous issues as to the proper tax treatment of depreciable tangible property owned by the terminating partnership, particularly when changing its accounting method for such property. Under Regs. Sec. 1.708-1(b)(1)(iv), the new

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