Taxation of the Cloud Still Hazy

This column updates readers on some recent state guidance on cloud service offerings and highlights a few examples of the trends appearing at the state level.

Trends in Sales and Use Tax for Remote Sellers

Click-through or affiliate nexus legislation has become a popular way for states to require certain remote sellers (i.e., internet vendors) to collect sales or use tax on their sales to in-state residents.

Mail-Order Book Seller Has Nexus with State

The Tennessee Court of Appeals held that a corporation that sells books and other publications through the mail to students in schools and home-schooled students had substantial nexus with Tennessee because teachers and parents of the students purchasing the books and publications assisted in ordering and distributing them.

How Does One Tax a Cloud?

State revenue departments face perplexing questions when deciding whether (and how) to tax cloud computing.

California’s Click-Through Nexus Law

In 2011, California enacted a “click-through nexus” law requiring out-of-state online retailers to collect sales tax on all taxable sales of tangible personal property made through internet-based referrals, effective Sept. 2012.

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