Practice Management & Professional Standards

Proposed revisions to the AICPA tax standards

The AICPA released proposed revisions to the SSTSs for public comment on Monday. The proposal includes new standards on data protection, reliance on tools, and representation of clients before taxing authorities.

Protecting a taxpayer’s privileges

Protecting a client’s tax privileges is a fundamental duty of the CPA tax professional, and it is critical that the CPA understand the privileges that are available to a client-taxpayer.

Show value, add value, and bring value: Part 2

After guiding clients through two years of struggle and turmoil, now is the time for CPA firms to build on those relationships by further highlighting the value proposition they provide.

Keeping on top of tax changes

Members of the AICPA Tax Practice Management Committee share strategies for how they continue to keep clients, and themselves, up to date with the many tax law changes of the last several years and the many possibly to come in the near future.

Taking back control with quality management

Upcoming revisions to the AICPA Statements on Standards for Tax Services may include standards for quality management in a tax practice. The SSTS Revision Task Force is seeking comments from stakeholders as it undertakes this project.

2021 tax software survey

Our annual survey shows how CPAs rate the tax preparation software they used during this year’s tax season and how it handled retroactive tax law changes that happened during the season.

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